Design Rationale


Related Groups Within MIT

AIRE, the Agent-based Intelligent Reactive Environments Project (MIT CSAIL)
The Design Rationale Group works with the AIRE group to develop multimodal interactions that support design rationale capture.

Project Haystack (MIT CSAIL)
Haystack's goal is to make the power of information retrieval available to the user in a form that is easy to use and adaptable to the user's individual needs.

MIT Project Oxygen (MIT CSAIL)
Project Oxygen aims to create an environment where computation is as ubiquitous and free as the air we breathe.

Center for Coordination Science (MIT Sloan)

Design Technology Group (MIT Architecture)

Related Groups Outside MIT

Qualitative Reasoning Group (Northwestern)

Group for User Interface Research (UC Berkeley)

Center for Human-Computer Communication (Oregon Graduate Institute)

User Interface Research (PARC)

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